Master’s Projects

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Citizen perceptions of electric vehicle policy in Canada: Examining awareness, support, trust, and regional differences, Shelby Kitt, 2019

Has Tesla influenced consumer perceptions of electric vehicles? Insights from a survey of Canadian car buyers, Inger Miller, 2019

How to slash GHG emissions in the freight sector? Policy insights from a technology adoption model of Canada, Billy Hammond, 2019


Simulating the role of recharging and refueling infrastructure in the uptake of zero emissions vehicles in Canada, Amy Miele, 2018

Who wants zero-emissions vehicles and why? Assessing the Mainstream market potential in Canada using stated response methods, Zoe Long, 2018


Designing a low carbon fuel standard to achieve deep GHG reduction targets: Insights from an energy-economy simulation model of British Columbia, Justin Lepitzki, 2017


Consumer lifestyle and response to low-carbon technologies: Semi-structured interviews with plug-in electric vehicle owners in British Columbia, Canada,  Josh Cairns, 2016

Does a region need its own zero emission vehicle mandate, or can it free-ride off another? Modelling British Columbia and California, Maxwell Sykes, 2016


Understanding consumer knowledge, perceptions, and preferences regarding pro-environmental technology: The cases of plug-in electric vehicles and utility controlled charging, Bradley G. Langman, 2015

Modelling the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of plug-in electric vehicles in Canada using short-term and long-term perspectives, George Kamiya, 2015

Exploring Pro-Environmental Lifestyles & Values in Canada, Danette E.W. Moulé, 2015

Socio-political acceptance of smart grid as a tool to mitigate climate change: the case of British Columbia, Derek Peters, 2015


Public perceptions of Carbon Capture and Storage Public perception, Karen Leila Mascarenhas, 2014


Picking Winners: Assessing the Costs of Technology-Specific Climate Policy for U.S. Passenger Vehicles, Jacob Fox, 2013

PhD Projects


Addressing intermittency issues for renewable energy resources in British Columbia from the supply and demand perspectives, Joseph Bailey, 2015