The Canadian Zero-Emissions Vehicle Survey (CZEVS)

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Zero-emissions vehicles have the potential to reduce gasoline consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollutants associated with passenger transportation. Successful deployment of these vehicles will depend on the readiness of the consumer market, including consumer awareness, perceptions and interests, travel patterns, and the prevalence of, or ease of access to refueling infrastructure

In 2017, we implemented the Canadian Zero-Emissions Vehicle Survey (CZEVS), an in-depth web-based survey that builds off of our 2013 Canadian Plug-In Electric Vehicles Survey (CPEVS). In CZEVS, we assess 2,123 Canadian new vehicle-buyers’ awareness of and preferences for battery electric, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Results reveal important insights about consumers’ overall awareness and interest in zero-emissions vehicles, as well as preferences and motivations for using zero-emissions vehicles. Findings from this survey are relevant for industry and policymakers interested in anticipating the consumer market for zero-emissions vehicles.

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While we make our survey design documents available (below) to encourage transparency, we ask that you contact us and ask our permission if you would like to implement our survey instruments for your own research.

Survey design documents:

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