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Theresa Beer and Jonn Axsen: Mobility pricing works when it’s fair for everyone
Published in: The Province, December 10, 2020
Authors: Theresa Beer and Jonn Axsen

Suzuki report calls for road-pricing fees to reduce Metro Vancouver congestion
Published in: The Vancouver Sun, December 7, 2020
Author: Joanne Lee-Young

SFU study suggests mix of policies to lower emissions from personal vehicles
Published in: The Vancouver Sun, August 26 2020
Author: Jennifer Saltman

B.C.’s approach to emissions reduction could be much more ambitious
Published in: The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn, CBC, August 26 2020

Jonn Axsen on Adam Stirling Noon Hour, August 25 2020
Published in: CFAX Radio, August 25 2020

Researchers develop essential road map to drive down vehicle emissions
Published in: Phys.Org, August 25 2020

Why it’s hard to buy electric cars
Published in: CBC The National, December 9 2019

Zero-emission vehicles
Published in: Super Awesome Science Show podcast, November 19 2019
Author: Jason Tetro

Electric-car buyers want same things as all car buyers, research shows
Published in: Green Car Reports, April 13 2018
Author: Matthew Klippenstein

Older coverage

Strategies to boost adoption of zero-emission vehicles
Aired on: Business in Vancouver on Roundhouse Radio, December 18 2017

How to get more electric vehicles on the road
Published in: The Conversation, December 12 2017; The National Post, December 13 2017; Phys.Org, December 13 2017; iPolitics, December 18 2017
Author: Jonn Axsen

Eager beaver: Canadian ZEV Policy Handbook Released
Published in: CleanTechnica, December 14 2017
Author: Matthew Klippenstein

Fed’s ZEV policy committee ends talks, but with few answers
Published in: Automotive News Canada, September 25 2017
Author: Steve Mertl

National ZEV policy that mandates sales quotas could rile automakers
Published in: Automotive News Canada, September 18 2017
Author: Steve Mertl

Where are Canada’s Missing Electric Cars?
Published in: DESMOGCanada, September 12 2017
Author: James Wilt

Who hid the electric car?
Published in: National Observer, September 12 2017
Author: Carl Meyer

Canadians Are Ready To Take The Electric Vehicle Plunge
Published in: HuffPost British Columbia Canada
Authors: Jonn Axsen and Ian Neville

Is Trump’s War On Fuel Economy Really Going To Hurt The Environment And Save Jobs?
Published in: UPROXX, April 10 2017
Authors: Chris Zois and Dan Seitz

Zero Emissions Vehicle. Consumer Tech.
Aired on: BC Almanac with Gloria Macarenko

Electric vehicles will not displace gasoline vehicles without strong supporting policy
Published in: Policy Options, January 3 2017
Author: Jonn Axsen

Canada Can Make Huge Climate Gains by Cleaning Up Transportation Sector: Experts
Published in: DESMOGCANADA, December 26 2016
Author: Derek Leahy

EV Report Card
Aired on: Driving with Zack Spencer CISL 650, December 3 2016

EV Report Card
Aired on: Kash Heed Show, November 20 2-16

Canada not doing enough to foster electric cars: report
Aired on: Radio Canada International, November 17 2016

EV Report Card
Aired on: Roundhouse Radio, November 16 2016

Statement on Canada’s Electric Vehicle Policy Report Card
Published by: The Green Party BC, November 15

B.C. scores C-minus on electric vehicle policy report card
Published in: The Vancouver Sun, November 15 2016
Author: Jennifer Saltman

EV Report Card
Aired on: CKNW, November 15 2016

Electric-car pioneers vs mainstream buyers: how they differ, in Canada (exclusive)
Published in : GreenCar Reports, August 9 2016
Author: Matthew Klippenstein

Should we pay people to drive electric
Aired on: CBC’s Ontario Today, July 18 2016

ZEV standards and EVs
Aired on: CBC syndicated radio (10 stations), June 20 2016

Study shows why Canadians are not buying green cars
Published in: Globe and Mail, May 9 2016
Author: Peter Cheney

Hype, not science, drives transportation market
Published in: Pique (Whistler), April 21 2016
Author: Brandon Barrett

From fossil fueled to electric vehicles, Canada’s transition is underway 
Published in: The National Observer, April 1 2016
Author: Charles Mandel

Alternative Fuels Need More Than Hype to Drive Transportation Market
Published in: Newswise, March 16 2016 (reprint of UC Davis release)
Author: Kat Kerling

Creativity could kill BC’s LNG file
Published in: Business Vancouver, March 8 2016
Author: Editorial

Alternative Fuels Need More Than Hype to Drive Transportation Market
Published in: Science Daily, March 6 2016 (reprint of UC Davis release)
Author: Kat Kerling

Where Electric Vehicle Hype and Campaign Promises Collide
Published in: Autos CheatSheet, March 9, 2016
Author: Eric Schaal

¿Existen burbujas sobre los coches alternativos? (Are there bubbles on alternative vehicles?)
Published in:, March 6, 2016

Ups and downs of alternative fuels
Published in: Nature Energy News & Views, March 2016
Author: Kornelia Konrad

SFU study aims to find ways to get drivers to move away from traditional fuels
Published in: News 1130, March 6, 2016
Author: Jill Drews

How hype hurts alternative fuel innovation
Published in: AutoBlog & Automotive News & MSN Auto, March 5, 2016
Author: John Beltz Snyder

Alternative Fuels Need More Than Hype to Drive Transportation Market
Published in: & ECN Magazing & Daily Democrat, March 3 2016 (reprint of UC Davis release)
Author: Kat Kerling

Study suggests policymakers need to move beyond alt fuels hype to decarbonize transport successfully
Published in: Greencar Congress, March 2, 2016

Alternative fuels need more than hype to drive market
Published in: Davis Enterprise, Mar 2, 2016
Author: Kat Kerling

Alternative Fuels Need More Than Hype to Drive Transportation Market
Davis, California – Hype followed by disappointment: That’s been the general pattern over the past few decades when an alternative fuel is presented to the public. It’s a fuel du jour …
Published in: Imperial Valley News, March 2, 2016
Author: Kat Kerling

Policies needed for an EV revolution
Published in: CleanTechnica, September 25th 2015
Author: Zachary Shahan

Plug-In Vehicle Sales In Canada Could Surge, But Only With Increased Supply, Research Finds
Published in: CleanTechnica, July 18th 2015
Author: James Ayre

Canada Could See Big Electric Car Boom… If More Models Were Available
Published in: EVObssessed, July 17th 2015
Author: James Ayre

Study considers how to boost plug-in sales from 1 to 30 percent.
Published in: hybridCars, July 2015
Author: Sara Shelton

Canadian Plug-in Electric Vehicle Study: 1 Percent To 30 Percent Is The Challenge 
Published in: Green Car Reports, , July 2015
Author: Matthew Klippenstein

SFU team says electric vehicles need government support
Interviewed on: BC Global News, July 17 2015
Interviewed by: Aaron McArtur (8:29)

SFU researchers find promise for plug-in vehicles in Canada, but need for increased supply and policy support
Published in: Green Car Congress , July 16 2015
Author: Mike Millikin

Electric car could be the vehicle of the future but it needs help: study
Published in: News 1130, July 15 2015
Author: Kenney Mason

UNESCO Scientists Call For 70 Percent Emissions Reduction By 2050 (quotes from Jonn)
Published in: hybridCars, July 15 2015
Author: Sarah Shelton

Market slowly plugging into the advantages of electric vehicles
Published in: Business Vancouver, June 1 2015
Author: Peter Ladner

Rebates won’t get everyone buying an electric car
Published in: News 1130, March 24 2015
Author: Joanne Abshire

New Study: Public charging has little to do with consumer interest in EVs
Published in: Charged – Electric Vehicles Magazine, March 18 2015
Author: Charles Morris

Electric car buyers not swayed by access to public chargers: Home charging is more important as a marketing tool, SFU researchers say
Published in: The Vancouver Sun, March 11 2015
Author: Shawn Connor

B.C. to relaunch electric car rebates
Published in: 24 Hours Vancouver, March 11 2015
Author: Michael Mui

In climate policy, can public ignorance be bliss?
Published in: Policy Options,  January-February 2015
Author: Jonn Axsen

Opinion: BC’s clean fuel regulation works – Let’s keep it clean, clear and strong
Published in: The Vancouver Sun, September 24, 2014