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START produces policy- and industry-relevant sustainable transportation research in three key aspects of transportation:

  • vehicles and drivetrains,
  • fuels and infrastructure, and
  • mobility and travel demand.

For each aspect, we aim to produce comprehensive research to assess different transportation technologies, practices and solutions according to technological feasibility, consumer and citizen acceptance, business and innovation strategy and public policy.

The START research portfolio is constantly building on the needs of our stakeholders and research interests. Our current portfolio includes a range of applied research projects, including:

  • Identifying markets for zero-emissions vehicles in Canada
  • Scanning and grading zero-emissions vehicle policy efforts
  • Assessing and anticipating consumer acceptance of  zero-emissions vehicles systems and infrastructure
  • Modeling technology adoption of alternative fuel vehicles and policy effectiveness
  • Modeling scenarios of low-carbon freight transportation technologies and policy
  • Understanding the potential for alternative fuel technologies in commercial transit and freight fleets
  • Identifying dealership constraints and opportunities for electric vehicle sales

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