Current projects

Climate Policy Survey

In April 2019, START administered a survey to over 1,500 representative Canadians and 500 Californians, assessing respondents’:

  • Awareness and perceptions of the climate and electric vehicle policies in place where they live
  • Support for and opposition to various climate and electric vehicle policies, such as a carbon tax, electric vehicle incentives, and vehicle emissions standards (among others)
  • Trust in various actors and institutions related to climate and electric vehicle policy implementation, including governments, industry stakeholders, and scientists

Results from this survey will provide a snap shot of Canadians’ and Californians’ opinions and views on the climate policies implemented in their regions, and those that may be implemented in the future. The survey will also gain insights into how citizens’ trust in actors involved in climate policy implementation influences their support for policies.

As analysis is still ongoing, please contact for more information. Survey design documents can be found here.