Leadership Team

Dr. Jonn Axsen, START Director
Dr. Jonn Axsen, START Director

Jonn Axsen employs interdisciplinary and mixed-method research approaches to identify solutions for today’s enormous environmental challenge: mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, of which almost a quarter arise from ground transportation. His research demonstrates that such solutions require an understanding of individual decision-making, social systems and culture, technology development, and public policy. As Associate Professor and Director of the Sustainable Transportation Research Team (START) at SFU, he applies a rigorous and comprehensive perspective to provide policy-relevant insights into sustainable transportation technology and practices, including electric vehicles and alternative forms of mobility, as well as other sustainable energy and environmental applications.

Zoe Long
Zoe Long, PhD student and Research Manager

Zoe Long is a PhD student with START, with over 5 years of experience leading applied research in low-carbon transport solutions. She is interested in understanding how public policy can shape a future transportation system that is low-carbon, affordable, and is accessible for all travelers. Her research aims to understand how consumers might use new transport technologies (such as electric and self-driving vehicles) and how policy can ensure that these technologies are compatible with climate change goals – with the goal of producing evidence-based policy recommendations for decision makers. Her studies have been used by the government of BC, Metro Vancouver, and TransLink to inform their climate mitigation efforts.

Viviane H. Gauer, PhD Candidate

Viviane H. Gauer is a PhD candidate in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at SFU, where she also completed her Master of Resource Management. Viviane’s research with START investigates consumer engagement with conventional mobility and response to transport innovations, such as electric vehicles and automated vehicles. She is broadly interested in understanding the role that consumers play in shaping societal transformations in the transportation sector. With a diverse background in social sciences and climate adaptation, Viviane believes in applying high quality research to inform effective responses to anthropogenic climate change and sustainable transitions in transport and energy systems.

Chandan Bhardwaj, Post-doctoral Researcher

Dr. Chandan Bhardwaj is a post-doctoral researcher with START. His research work involves developing  a mathematical model (technically known as a technology adoption model) to help analyze long term welfare effects of transport policies in Canada. In particular, his work focusses on the Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate, examining potential automaker compliance mechanisms, and the design effects of the policy on new vehicle market share. 

Master’s Candidates

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Jackson Fitzgerald

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