Bill Hammond
Billy Hammond

Billy grew up in the beautiful city of Ottawa. He attended Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. He realized business was not his passion, but took away the ability to think logically and analytically. During the summer, Billy worked in reforestation. This inspired him to apply his business lens towards sustainable development. He is excited to be working with Jonn Axsen and the START team. Billy is excited to take advantage of this wonderful province, and to be working alongside so many energetic and intelligent people.


Todd Brunner (Axsen)
Todd Brunner

Todd completed his undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at the University of Calgary and comes to EMRG after four years of work as an environmental consultant in Alberta’s oil and gas industry. As a consultant, Todd gained experience conducting soil and groundwater assessment, remediation, and biophysical surveys for developed and undeveloped industrial sites. As challenging and rewarding as Todd’s professional experience was, he felt the need to pursue a Masters degree at SFU in the hopes of further developing his knowledge and practice of environmental management. More specifically, Todd is interested in researching sustainable energy systems, climate change issues and evaluating public perception and interest in sustainable practices. In his spare time, Todd enjoys travelling, hiking, ski touring, river kayaking, and exploring the abundance of outdoor adventure offered in the lower mainland.


Amy Miele
Amy Miele

Amy joins START as an SFU master’s candidate in the school of Resource and Environmental Management. She completed her bachelors of science in Environmental Science at SFU in 2014 and is happy to be back on the mountain studying about resource management, sustainable transportation, and environmental policies. Amy’s current research focuses on describing consumer preferences for alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs) and understanding the barriers that prevent AFV adoption in Canada.



Zoe Long
Zoe Long

Zoe grew up in North Vancouver, BC and came to START after interdisciplinary undergraduate studies in biology and sustainability at Dalhousie University. Her interest in sustainable transportation research is in understanding and describing the factors that contribute to the societal adoption of low-emission vehicles. She hopes to identify relevant policies that the Canadian government can implement in order to reduce passenger vehicle-related greenhouse gas emissions.



Chandan Bhardwaj

Chandan is a PhD candidate with START. His research focuses on designing and evaluating transport sector policies for Canada. The research involves the development of a technologically detailed and behaviourally realistic energy model that represents the transportation sector in Canada. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering. During his graduate studies he had the chance to get familiar with the technical, economic and policy aspects of renewable and low- carbon technologies. He hopes his past learning will be helpful in his current research work in analysing the policy problem from a multi-discipline perspective.


Inger Miller

Inger was born and raised in The Bahamas. She completed her Bachelors in Economics in 2013. While living for some time in the U.S, she was intrigued by the variation in environmental policies in different regions. During her time working in the financial sector in the Bahamian government as an Assistant Economist supporting the Cellular Liberalization Task Force and leading Foreign Account Tax Compliance efforts, she decided that it was time to take another step in her academic journey. She is currently a masters candidate and a START member. Her research is focused on how Tesla is shaping consumer perceptions. She hopes that in understanding how consumers perceive electric vehicles (EVs), policy makers can efficiently create and modify policies to encourage EV purchases.  It is her goal that this information will also assist auto manufacturers in better understanding how consumers view value in EV types and brands.

Shelby Kitt

Shelby grew up in North Vancouver, BC and joins the START team with her Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from SFU and training in Sustainable Business at BCIT. She is excited to be back at SFU helping to unpack the psychological barriers to climate action, combining her loves for psychology and the environment. Shelby is particularly interested in the consumer acceptability of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) and how ZEV policies can help us reach our climate goals in Canada.