Chandan Bhardwaj

Chandan is a PhD candidate with START. His research focuses on designing and evaluating transport sector policies for Canada. The research involves the development of a technologically detailed and behaviourally realistic energy model that represents the transportation sector in Canada. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering. During his graduate studies he had the chance to get familiar with the technical, economic and policy aspects of renewable and low- carbon technologies. He hopes his past learning will be helpful in his current research work in analysing the policy problem from a multi-discipline perspective.

Viviane Hippmann Gauer

Viviane joins START as a PhD candidate after finishing her Master of Resource Management at SFU. Viviane grew up in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Social Anthropology. Her research focuses on consumer perceptions of autonomous vehicles, as well as AV interaction with other new mobility technologies. She is interested in understanding how consumer preferences and perceptions shape societal transformations in the transportation sector.

Shelby Kitt

Shelby grew up in North Vancouver, BC and joins the START team with her Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from SFU and training in Sustainable Business at BCIT. She is excited to be back at SFU helping to unpack the psychological barriers to climate action, combining her loves for psychology and the environment. Shelby is particularly interested in the consumer acceptability of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) and how ZEV policies can help us reach our climate goals in Canada.

Sarah (START Picture)
Sarah McBain

Sarah grew up in Vancouver B.C., and completed her undergraduate degree in Sustainable Business from Simon Fraser University. While an undergraduate Sarah spent time studying in Sweden and travelled extensively throughout South East Asia. This led her to have a keen interest in promoting sustainable behaviour. She joins START to pursue her interests in understanding consumer behaviour, and factors that facilitate and create barriers in the adoption of pro-environmental technologies. She looks forward to collaborating with diverse groups of students, researchers and professionals as a Masters candidate in the School of Resource and Environmental Management.