About Us

Sustainable Transportation Research Team


The SFU Sustainable Transportation Research Team (SFU-START) is a research collaborative within the Faculty of Environment at Simon Fraser University that focuses on the transition to lower impact transportation systems. SFU-START takes a unique interdisciplinary approach to its research, combining elements of economics, engineering, marketing, policy and psychology into the analysis of sustainable transportation solutions.

Our Vision of Sustainability

SFU-START conducts research and engages governments, industry and communities to actively transition the transportation sector towards a “sustainable system” that effectively:

  1. Limits emissions and waste to be within the planet’s ability to absorb them (e.g. deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions);
  2. Uses renewable resources efficiently (e.g. wind, solar, biofuels), while minimizing consumption of non-renewable resources (e.g. fossil fuels);
  3. Is economically efficient in transition and in operation, affordable to individuals and communities, and supportive of a vibrant economy; and
  4. Allows the basic access of needs of individuals and societies to be met safely and in a manner consistent with human and ecosystem health.

Providing Policy and Industry Relevant Research

START produces policy- and industry-relevant sustainable transportation research in three key aspects of transportation: vehicles and drivetrains, fuels and infrastructure, and mobility and travel demand. For each aspect, we aim to produce comprehensive research to assess different transportation technologies, practices and solutions according to technological, feasibility, consumer and citizen acceptance, business and innovation strategy, and public policy.